Welcome to SupportYourTroops.us

This web site is designed to be a place where all people can show support for our men and women of the armed forces serving away from home. We all want them to know that we are proud of the sacrifices they are making to preserve freedom for all people, everywhere.

Regardless of your opinions on war or U.S. foreign policy, we hope you take some time to show YOUR troops that you support them. We have started placing videos of friends and family on this site for our troops to view - we know that this is not nearly as good as being here, but we hope it helps the distance seem just a little smaller.

Here are messages we received from soldiers stationed over-seas.

Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for the sacrifices you make. Each and every one of you plays a pivotal role in saving our country and it's people. Through your sweat and tears we have freedom. You all signed up for your own personal reasons, but you all fight for the same reason - peace and liberty for the American people. I thank your families for sharing you with us. Our country would not be a world leader without you. Thank you. Wishing you a safe return.

Debbie Brandt
Oviedo, Florida, USA

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