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Thank you to all of you who are serving and protecting this country. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all are able to return home to your families soon.
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

To the Men and Women of our Armed Forces; thank you for your courage, dedication, loyalty and sacrifice to our great nation. I send a prayer of health and happiness to your families and you. Thank you again. God Bless you all. Stay safe.
Ed Taglialatela
Syracuse , New York, USA

You are the real American patriots. Through your personal sacrifice we are allowed to enjoy our lives and celebrate the upcoming holiday season. Each of you should know that your service is appreciated, valued, and respected. My wish is for you to have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Thank you.
Michael Campos

Thank you for protecting us! I hope you enjoy the Halloween candy we sent to you from the dentist.
Syracuse, New York, USA

Good poem I saw and want to share: Etched In Stone I cried when I saw them and thought, “oh God, not you”; then they told me you had died in the jungles of Vietnam, trying to save people, and that was so like you. I remember your deep compassion, and how you use to dream of wanting freedom for everyone and a more peaceful world; and how it became shattered in a war no one wants to remember. Al that remains with me now is your warm and gentle memory, making it harder for me to reach out to touch the coldness of your name, etched in stone. God bless and praying for you to come home safe All of you are heros to me and always will be Bill in Hoquiam WA
Bill Ballinger
Hoquiam, Washington, USA

thanks for protecting us every day. never forget that the USA flag that accompanies you every day should be a stern reminder that your brothers and sisters in all 50 states are with you always, GOD BLESS
orange, Texas Utah, USA

Nestor Hernandez, 3rd Bn 6th Field Artillery Pleiku RVN 68-69. Ihave been looking for you. I found Walter Grove,Lt. Hill,Ralph Crawford,Villarreal,Died, Call me at 214-929-4676 in Texas. Hope to hear from you It has been 45 year since We left the War Adios Raul
Raul Rodriguez
Denton, Texas Utah, USA

Hi Ladies & Gents Thought I'd say hello from down under. My family appreciate all that you do to keep us safe in this crazy world We wish you & your families all the best and keep safe. Ricky Harriss Australia
Ricky Harriss
Wollongong, Australia

Today the company I work for is making a Thank you video for our Troops. We are showing our gratitude to our US Military by wearing red every Friday and recording our thank you messages throughout the day. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO DEDICATED TO THIS COUNTRY AND PROTECTING THE FREEDOMS OF FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS. In honor of Memorial Day 2015 we have a movement called Jeans for Troops where we donate 1$ a day to the GI GO Fund, Where Veterans Go Forward to Find Jobs, Get Health Care, Go to College, Find Housing etc. TELEPERFORMANCE. Transforming Passion Into Excellence.
Kaylynn C Roddenberry
Sandy, Texas Utah, USA

Thanks for your service,your sacrifice in serving is a sign of a amazing person!!!! Get home safe wherever you are stationed.
Rich Cipolla
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

While researching local veterans for our city library I found this site. Thank you for your willingness to serve; my heartfelt gratitude for all you do. Sending this with prayers for safety...and my respect.
Texas Utah, USA

I just want to let you know that I'm praying for you. Each single one of you are on my prayers to God day and night. My heart trembles every time I watch or read the news, but I know God is watching over each one of you and your families back home. I'm so proud of you. Thank you for your service and all your sacrifices. May God be with each one of you as He watches over you day and night. I love you all.
Ivania Adams
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

I just want to say just a simple thanks for everything you men and women do or our country. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication.
klamathfalls, Oregon, USA

I want you to know to you run a very hard path most others would not take, where ever you may be at. So, we may continue to run down our own paths. I will never know the tears, sweat, and blood you have gone through in a single day, but I do know that we are all one your never alone no matter how alone you may feel. Just pat yourself on the back and continue doing what your doing.
Meghan McCracken
Canton, Ohio, USA

I salute and admire your selflessness, bravery and integrity. You deserve the best! Best Wishes! Everday Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Take good care! Be safe Officers and Gentlemen! May Hatered & Sufferings end & Peace Be in everyones heart and in the world
Cebu, Philippines

I salute and admire your selflessness, bravery and integrity. You deserve the best! Best Wishes! Everday Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Take good care! Be safe Officers and Gentlemen!
Cebu, Philippines

Merry Christmas!!! God bless you and all the sacrific you make for my freedom. May arch angel Michael protect you and keep you safe!!
Erie, USA

God bless you and thank you for everything you do and give for your country! My entire family wishes you a safe and Merry Christmas! Thank You again Gods speed, The Andersons
Mark Anderson
Hampton, Iowa, USA

Merry Christmas!!! Stay strong, thank you sooo much for your services, we love you and we'll be waiting for you all??
Magana, Louisiana, USA

Thank you for what you have done and continue to do. May you all have a very Merry Christmas!
Springfield, Oregon, USA

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