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Hi Amanda! We love you and miss you already. Please tell everyone there a big thank you from your family at home for all that you all do every day for all of us here on the homefront. God Bless and Be Safe. You are in our prayers.
Lonna & Family
North Beach, Maryland, USA

Hello, I just wanted to say there is no words that i can say that will show you how much i respect and thankfull you are keeping us safe. I have recently joined the AF as Secuirty Forces and I ship out Oct 23rd. Peace be with all my fellow brothere and sisters in arms.
Jonathan C. Sewall
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

this is for Scott Martin Kidd hey please let me know whats happning hey we still think of you all the time but we didnt how to get a holkd of you so call write or something love ya bro heres amy hey i miss u alot so please write us or call Love ya
josh denney
Monticello,, Kentucky, USA

How do I get a list of addresses of soldiers who are overseas for the holidays? I would love to put together care packages for them. Also I would love to support those from Idaho, is that possible-I need about 100.
Boise, Idaho, USA

Umm well my name is Kayla Hutchings and i have a brother that is in iraq right now. He is with the US Army so im a very big supported of the soldiers that go to iraq and risk their lives for all of us. Thank You for everything your doing and im praying for you.
Kayla Hutchings
Trenton, North Carolina, USA

I was reading an article relating to comments by John McCain. As they were in the Hanoi Hilton, they could hear the bombers up above. And though they were concerned about getting "shelled" in POW camps, they nevertheless were saying, "God Bless President Nixon." Reiterating that point, I hope you will concur, "God Bless President Bush."
Todd Parisi
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

I thank-you to all the troops that are over seas my heart goes out to you. Please return home soon to your family and one that love you very much...I was once married to a man in the Marines. God Bless you all.....
Florida, USA

Hello brave men and women in uniform My name is Herlunda I am 38yrs old and I live with a condition called RSd. I want you to know that I'm sending much love from me and my church God's Way to all of you. Know that you are not forgotten we saw a daily prayer for you and open each service with a prayer for you. I thanks God for you all fighting for our freedom you are not forgotten but much appreciated I love you all and pray for your safe return. When u ever feel lonely or scared just know that someone somewhere is praying
Herlunda aka Loni
Southfield, Michigan, USA

I love you guys!

To all of you who are tired, scared, and suffering, to those who miss their friends, families, and loved ones, I thank each and everyone of you for putting your lives out on the line to protect your country the best that you know how to. I support all of you troops. I have tremendous respect for you because you are defending us and fighting against an enemy who clearly has hatred in their hearts. Please come home safely and know that people may oppose the war, but they have always and will always support you and what you have done for your country.
Illinois, USA

Hang in there! I care! You're fighting for what's right. I'm a person born with physical disabilities and if I'd been born in the middle east instead of America I would've been dead by now. The work you're doing now is saving others like me. If I could fight alongside you I would. Amy
Walpole, Massachusetts, USA

i thank all of you incredibly selfless military personnel for doing what you that i can be free !!! i love and appreciate everything you do for our country !!!! please feel free to contact me at anytime...i will try to do what you need me to do for you !!!! i love you all!!!!!!!!! meredith in north jersey
hewitt, New Jersey, USA

Thank you, just want you know that I feel safer here know you all are over there doing what needs to be done. I have a two year old little girl and i want thank you for making the world a safer place for her. I will make sure she knows what you all are doing for all of us. I can only hope that she grows up to be half the person you all are. Not a day goes by that i don't think of you all over there and the sacrfice you and your families are making. God Bless Thank you again

i just want to thank all the troops that are serving and have been to Iraq. Cause without you guys our country could not stand what it stands for and that is freedom. So i also want to take this time to say a special thanks to Sgt.Shannon Ambrose in the Kentucky National Guard for do doing his part in going to Iraq. I don't know for sure if he is back or not but he knows he is a special guy to alot of people.. So thank you for serving our country Shannon and May god bless you always...
perry county, Kentucky, USA

Thanks for all you do for us. Our freedoms are safe because of you all!!! My prayers are for your safety and a return to your families. May all that you do be appreciated by those you meet each day. Stand tall, chin high knowing that your sacrifices are noted and applauded. Continued blessings to you & yours.
Helen Bighorn
Montana, USA

I just wanted to say thank you. I realize how big of a sacrifice you all have made, and I don't think that I have the courage to do what you all have done for our country. Stay strong and thanks!

Today sept.29 2007 to all the fallin soldiers to i was not able yo make the highway of heros .put instead i wore my red teeshort to honor those who have died for our freedom i would like to thank you all god speed on your journey. to the parents love ones and family of Cpl. nathan hornburg we shall never forget.
doug macdonald
ajax, canada

Thanks for all you go threw for us so that we can keep our freedom. Without you, we are lost. You guys are real heros! keep your heads up and stay strong guys. OOOORAHHH!!!!
Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Just wanted to find a pen-pal that is stuck in Irag, or somewhere,,wishin they had someone to write or had another letter to read....write me at my email I would love to keep in touch and keep your spirits is the least I can do for your sacrifice.. my info: 24 female, Montana native, I love art, music, travel, and boxing amongst other things. Please ya!
Candice Thornton
Kalispell, Montana, USA

thank you for everthing especailly my uncle Many Tamarez i lov you!!!If it wasn't for you men and woman we would be dead...but because of all of you in the army and navy were still standing and we will keep on standing forever.ARMY and NAVY for life!!!
ms. tamarez
new york city, New York, USA

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