What is Armodafinil?

Armodafinil is a name of the potent wakefulness and brain function stimulant known by people who look for ways to improve their productivity and quality of life in general. It’s not a secret to anyone that all of us use various stimulants on a daily basis whether it’s coffee, energy drinks, green tea, ginseng, or other natural or relatively natural and safe methods. Unfortunately, all of these methods work to a certain extent. They cannot help a person with chronic daytime sleepiness become more energetic and productive as their effect is mild and temporary. Moreover, caffeine-based stimulants, if overdosed, and for each person the “dose” is individual, cause quite unpleasant side effects such as tremor, anxiety, headache, irritability. So what’s the better choice? Now let’s talk about Armodafinil and see whether it could be the optimal solution for beating up sleepiness and boosting productivity.

What is Armodafinil Drug?

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Armodafinil is the name of the active substance used in the first-line medications for narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is an inborn disorder of sleep-wake cycle regulation in the brain resulting in unbearable daytime sleepiness and even multiple-time collapses when falling asleep during the day. Armodafinil helps in this condition because its plays the role of regulator of sleepiness by increasing the amount of active natural wakefulness-promoting substances, norepinephrine and dopamine, as it promotes their release from the synaptic clefts. Besides, it also elevates the level of histamine and orexin, prevents the recapture of serotonin in the synapses, and enhances the production of brain neurotrophic factor (BDNF). The above effects lead to improved concentration, determination, memory, and other mental abilities; decreased sleepiness; increased efficiency; and also leads to decreased appetite and reduced food intake. According to some doctors and researchers, in contrast to amphetamine derivatives with a similar mechanism of action, Armodafinil does not lead to addiction and the formation of dependence on the drug, although over time a high tolerance to the drug is formed, and refusal to use it can lead to the development of withdrawal syndrome if it had been used in high doses for an extended period of time.

Official indications for Armodafinil use:

  • Narcolepsy;
  • Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD);
  • Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Most popular trademarks under which Armodafinil is sold:

There are multiple names under which the same medication is sold because the exclusive patent of its inventor had already expired and numerous companies around the world have the right to use the formula. The medicines are basically identical to the brand drug with insignificant changes in the auxiliary components. The cheaper versions of the drug are together called “generics of Armodafinil” or can be found simply as generic Armodafinil. The price per pill of these medicines is up to 10 times lower than the price of the brand medication while they render exactly the same effect.

How can Armodafinil help people without narcolepsy?

As you can see in the officially approved uses of the drug, it is used not only for narcolepsy but for two other conditions. And just to be clear, they have nothing to do with daytime sleepiness due to any violated sleep-wake cycle regulation. OSA and SWSD are conditions in which an individual is sleepy due to poor sleep at night (OSA) and during the night shifts (SWSD) which is basically normal. This proves that the drug can be used by people with any cause of daytime sleepiness even if they don’t have any diagnosed condition that may be causing it. Besides, it is proven that the effect of the medication improves cognitive functions that is memory, focus, attention, etc. And if a person feels the need to enhance these abilities, then there is nothing better than Armodafinil considering that the drug has an effect comparable to that of amphetamines minus the negative effects of the latter.

Military forces, air traffic controlling services, and many other governmental agencies officially confirm that they use Armodafinil off-label, i.e. to promote wakefulness and cognitive functions in healthy individuals. So why couldn’t you use the drug for the same purposes? Of course, it is highly recommended first to try to find out and eliminate the potential causes of daytime sleepiness by lifestyle changes and necessary treatment. But if you have no objective reasons and no contraindications for the medication use, you can use it.

Where to buy Armodafinil?

For people who have the conditions for which the drug is officially approved, there is no problem in buying the drug at any nearby drugstore - www.rxshopmd.com. But if you don’t have a prescription you can still get the pills easily but you have to order them from an online drugstore that sells Armodafinil without Rx. Fortunately, in many countries of the world, the drug is sold without a prescription and the pharmacies located there can send the pills internationally.

How is Armodafinil used?

If you use the pills for the first time, take one 150 mg pill or half of it in the morning. If you tolerate the drug well and the dosage is sufficient, you can use the same dosage every time you need energy and cognitive function boost.

How long does Armodafinil take to work?

Considering that it is appointed one hour before the night shift in SWSD, it is reasonable to assume that the medication starts to render its effect within one hour after the dosage intake although it is not specified in the package insert.

How long does Armodafinil last?

The effect of a single pill lasts for 10-12 hours so make sure to take it 12 hours before you go to bed to avoid suffering from insomnia. If you take a higher dosage than a single 150 mg pill a day, the effect may last for more than 15-16 hours although for people with narcolepsy higher dosages are used and in their condition they act for 12 hours.